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Welcome to the Modular Wiki! Striving to be the #1 source for the Mustang and Lightning 4.6L/5.4L Mod Motor information on the internet. Specializing in high performance modifications, we hope to have a very organized list of factory and aftermarket parts available for the mod motor with pros and cons of each. Instructions, how to's, and videos will be a be a big part of this site. Ex: What heat range spark plug should I run in my 1000hp turbo motor? There will be a page for spark plugs that goes over what others have had success with for turbo, supercharger, nitrous at various horsepower ranges. There is a ton of great information about the modular motor across forums, websites, and facebook pages that gets lost or is hard to find. Hopefully this will be help get all that information in one easy to find place.

Registration is currently closed as we get information added for an official launch. Contact matthew at if you would like to contribute to this project and I will get you setup with a user account. Or you can email me information/pictures/videos to add to the site and I can do it for you.

-Intake Manifold/Throttle Body
-Valve cover
-Heads and Valvetrain
-Timing Components
-Block and internals
-Idler Pulleys

Fuel System
-Fuel Pumps
-Fuel Rails
-Fuel Lines
-Fuel Tanks
-Fuel Top Hats
-Fuel Injectors


-Holley EFI

Power Adder

-417 Motorsports Tubular Frontend